Healthy HR

It’s January so there are so many posts about new year’s resolutions that include to be “healthier.” Most of us are better about turning that into a SMART goal, rather than the generic “healthier” because what does that mean? Another HR/blogger/Twitter friend, Laurie Ruettimann, recently wrote about this as well and it got me to thinking. I’m never going to be a size 6, or probably even a size 8 again. I’ve been okay with that for some time now.

When we moved back to South Dakota, I found myself out of excuses to go to the gym. At SDSU, the gym is affordable, close and offers classes I have enjoyed. I started with spin, moved into a couple of bootcamp style and have found myself becoming a Beachbody fan. Two years ago I feel in love with Piyo (Pilates+yoga+crack. Okay not really crack but you get the idea). It’s still my favorite as it is low-impact strength training. I love the flow of Piyo. In the past year, I’ve added some Cize (per Maggie’s request) and 21 Day Fix (which includes portion control — so need this part).

Last year, I even joined our department Brookings Marathond Relay Team and ran 3 miles. Less than a week after, I was challenging myself to do better next year. And I still hate running!

I’ve started connecting with other HR pros online and have begun noticing hashtags to gather us together like #HRFit and #HRFitCrew. I love that I can connect with other HR folks in this way. I feel like we are taking that active leadership role. This is beyond promoting a Wellness program. It’s living that work-life balance. Making time for it and talking about it.

My fit time is important to me and it’s now so much a part of my day I feel guilty when I can go to the gym at lunch time. And I love that I’m actually connecting with others in this way. I still enjoy a good glass of wine, but it’s nice to share the accountability with people in real life and online.

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