Loves Me Not #Winc

After South Dakota “Freed the Grapes” I started looking for online wine clubs. I love wine clubs that surprise you with a variety of wines you might not otherwise try. And now that I could get wine shipped to my door, what better way to try some new stuff? The first one I tried was Winc. Great wines, great customer service, received 4 orders, but recently I decided to cancel my service. Why? Because Winc uses Fed Ex and Fed Ex has neither an office nor a drop off point in Brookings. They are in town for a limited time each day and, as you have to sign for wine, it was tricky making sure someone was at home to sign for the wine. I would end up spending about a week stressed about these drop offs! It was a difficult decision but one I had to make for my sanity. 

So I share my last box with you to encourage you to give it a try, especially if you want to be a little adventurous in your wine selection, and, of course, have a Fed Ex office in your town.

This is the first wine from this box. Loves Me Not. This is a Malvasia Bianca, a wine I haven’t had before. A Mediterranean grape, it is sweet, flavors of peaches and nectarines on the palate. I like this better very cold. I think this would be a great “deck” wine, enjoyed on the deck on a warm spring or summer evening.

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