80-20 Rule

I’ve been thinking about this “Rule” a lot lately, mostly around my workout-healthy eating habits, but we use it a lot in the HR world as well. And, unfortunately, we can easily fall into the habit of this rule. We resign ourselves to it, noting we “have” to spend time on those “unruly” employees, and we’ll get to know the others when we get the others “under control.” Reality? Those unruly employees will never be under control because they don’t want to be. And we end up losing the good employees because they are quite frankly sick & tired of getting ignored. And then we bemoan the fact that we can’t seem to keep the good ones. But what if we flipped this rule?

What if we spent time on our strong employees? What if we rewarded them with, at a minimum, our attention?  What difference could that make?

All I know is I want to start paying attention to those good employees. Encouraging them to be better. One small step at a time.


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