Are you tired of the same old same old conferences, rushing from presentation to presentation and missing out on getting to know other professionals who are also attending? I do love attending conferences and spending time learning, sharing, but as I look at the next state SHRM conference or our next BAHRA meeting, I don’t want to spend that time listening to another ACA or I9 update. I know these are important topics but as I really don’t have any influence over these kinds of topics at SDSU, I want to spend my time talking about issues. I want to talk about challenges. 

I learned about the DisruptHR concept: a single evening, time to network, 5 minutes/20 slides/15 seconds each. The speaker has 5 minutes to wow you. The best topics are about HR soft skills so DisruptHR is NOT just for HR professionals.

At SHRM17, I got to talk about it with my friend Mary who has been a part of 7 (SEVEN) DisruptHR events in Denver. It was then that I knew I wanted to bring it to Brookings. So I did what I always do … put off talking to anyone about it. 

Eventually I did bring it up and, as SD SHRM is going to change the hosting process for the state conference, we thought this would be a great way to raise some money for our organization and host a cool event.

Sioux Falls beat us to the punch, but we are now working together. Their first event was March 9 and I was selected to be one of their speakers. The best part is getting to pick their brains about what worked and what didn’t. I’ve got a laundry list of ideas for the Brookings event in August.

My first experience was awesome. I’m looking forward to seeing the videos from #DisruptHRSuFu2017 so I can actually hear what the other speakers had to say. I expect to write more about my ongoing DisruptHR experience as we plan the Brookings event and share what we have learned.

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