Life Goes On

I was struck today by how much we let the little things get to us. I followed people getting worked up on Twitter yesterday about whether or not United Airlines has the right to ask people flying on a “Buddy Pass” to dress a certain way (I don’t know the right answer, but I do think people were a little more outraged about it than they should have been and I also think United Airlines handled it extremely poorly, but that’s a different topic all together). I allow myself to get worked up over various things our President is or isn’t doing. And the key is we allow this of ourselves.

Then, I came into the office and found out one of our employees was killed in a car accident over the weekend. We spent a little time this morning confirming that it actually happened, but there is really no time to mourn. We are a business and we have work that needs to be done. Within a few hours, the position will be posted for recruitment. In a few weeks, we’ll have someone new in the shop. We will miss the employee; he was a good employee, typically in a good mood, willing to help where ever needed and always friendly. It feels weird to move forward with replacing him so quickly. But that’s what we do. We move on. Life continues. We can pause, but only briefly.

So tonight, I’m going to sit back & enjoy my family. I’m going to push the pause button on work/social media and getting worked up & focus on what’s important. Focus on what makes me happy and brings joy to my life.

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