#WineClubs @BrightCellars

One of the challenges of living in a small town is shopping choices. The internet has opened a whole new world of availability, much to the dismay of the small shops in said small towns, but that’s a different topic. Here in Brookings, the liquor store is owned & operated by the city. Their wine selection has improved in the 4 years we’ve been here but just going to the liquor store finds me making the same selections over and over. Which is why one of the things I really miss about living in Montana is the wine club I was a part of there. I need to step outside my comfort zone & try new wines, but need a push.

This is the 2nd online wine club I’ve tried. The first one Winc had great wines but used Fed Ex for shipping. So what? Well, Fed Ex is only in town for a few hours, that vary, and they want you to PAY for the privilege of knowing when they will be in town so you can meet them to sign for the wine. #frustrating And no, there is no Fed Ex drop off store in town. #businessidea

This wine club is @BrightCellars. It’s around $70 for 4 wines, you choose the variety you want (all white, all red, mix). Right now, I’m into more whites and slightly on the sweeter side. The warmer weather tends to take me to wines that are more “refreshing” and thirst quenching. A bold red is not going to fit that bill.

My wine selections this quarter brought 2 Chardonnays, a white blend and a merlot. I started my personal tastings with the white blend. White Willow is a South Eastern Australian blend. This wine has a creamy mouth feel. Lemon & pineapple flavors with a slight caramel-y aroma. This is a great deck wine — too bad it’s rainy here. Still a good choice for the late afternoon (especially after Jessie’s first sleepover at our house!)

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