#DisruptHRBrookings – In the Thick

We are less than 2 weeks to #DisruptHRBrookings. It’s been an interesting adventure and im hoping it continues to grow. I’ve learned a lot about my leadership style, delegation and trusting people!

As I started out on this road I knew I couldn’t do it alone. The first step was getting the local SHRM group to trust me in taking this leap. The group would give us a strong backbone to lean on and at a minimum a bank account !! We wouldn’t have to struggle figuring out how to apply for non-profit status and people & businesses in the community know us. I knew this would make it easier for the Brookings community to get on board.

I also reached out to a couple of different city offices, the Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development corporation. We have worked with both in the past and it was another way I knew other local businesses would support this new event.  Both groups have been very supportive, as active parts of the planning committee and getting word out about the event. This has been one of the key factors in the success of this for me. We are a small city (town by some standards) with about 25,000 people. If the City doesn’t support an event, it probably won’t be as successful!

Then I started calling or emailing friends and colleagues I thought would be interested and would bring something to the table. People I knew I could get excited about the event; people I wouldn’t have to “talk into” it, who would catch the excitement and run with it. People I wouldn’t have to beg to take on a part. I wanted people to be able to play to their strengths. I am NOT good at fundraising or designing a poster or following up with speakers, but let me loose on Facebook & Twitter and I can get the word out! I can also delegate like a boss!!

There have been a few times throughout this process that I’ve kept a hold of something: location, social media and the budget I just did not want to give up. Knowing where we are budget-wise has helped me make decisions – like whether or not we would help a speaker come to Brookings (for the record, we did offer, but he decided not to come). Because we are all busy HR professionals, trying to contact someone to get that info to then make the decision just seems wasteful. And social media, well, that’s just me. It’s been hard to give up some parts: food, speakers. I’m sitting on my hands a bit right now … I want to reach out to get information, but I handed that off. I need to trust my team!!

I am one of those big picture people and it can be difficult for me to dig into the details, but I also know that once I get into the weeds, it can be hard for me to get out! I’m happy to have some great people who have jumped on board to help out. Hopefully I can get them all to come back next year when all this will be MUCH easier!

Thanks team! (Definitely getting a team photo that night!)



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