Learning from Fictional Leaders #HRSocialHour

As an HR professional, it is sometimes hard to suspend disbelief when it comes to some HR issues I see on TV. I don’t know any HR professionals who can watch Michael Scott or Jan Levinson (US) or David Brent (UK) from the Office without cringing. On the other side, Nick Fury from the Avengers does a great job with recruitment. He seeks out those he wants on his team, keeps in contact with them, even does home visits if there’s someone he really wants.

Michael Scott Wayne Gretzky Quote The Office-Isms Wallpapers  Covers

Jon & I thought it would be fun for our next #HRSocialHour to explore some of these fictional leaders. We can all come up with fictional leaders we would and wouldn’t want to work for: Bill Lumberg, Cobra Commander, President Josiah Bartlett, Dr. Bob Kelso, M, Professor Dumbledore, Katherine Parker (Working Girl). Then there’s Miranda Priestly? Good or bad boss? She’s not nice, but Andy does learn from her & gets a glowing reference.

So, let’s talk about them! Especially the bad ones – we’ve all worked for someone these bad bosses remind us of: the one who just can’t hire the right person (Professor Dumbledore), the one who takes credit for your work (Katherine Parker, Working Girl), the one who doesn’t seem to care (Dr. Bob Kelso), the one you aren’t quite sure just why you are reporting to him (Bill Lumberg) and the one that’s just plain evil (Cobra Commander). Here are the questions for you to mull over before Sunday evening!

  1. Where are you joining us from & what’s in your glass?
  2. Which fictional leader would you least want to work for and why?
  3. What HR issue would be the most challenging with that leader?
  4. Are there any qualities that make this person a good leader? What are those qualities?
  5. What would you do to improve the working environment?
  6. What lessons learned could you apply to your real world office?

Join us, won’t you?


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