Did It Again #disruptHR


I have officially drunk the #DisruptHR kool-aid. I’ve participated in 3 events: Sioux Falls (speaker), Brookings (organizer) and Minneapolis (speaker). I’ve been thinking about what it is that attracts me to this type of event. Obviously, the networking and opportunity to meet people I’ve known through Twitter chats — I am very impressed with the number of people I knew at DisruptHR Minneapolis! But what I really enjoy about the Disrupt format is the discipline involved in actually giving a talk. [Don’t want to call it a speech.]

A DisruptHR talk is 5 minutes, 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds. A good DisruptHR talk is also engaging, funny, on topic, makes you think about something differently or have an ‘oh yeah’ moment. Relevant slides that emphasize your point.

That’s what I think about when I’m writing, creating, practicing my talks. Will your joke hit the point or fall because you don’t have your timing down? Is your example to obscure? I was considering putting in a line “This is the answer to life the universe and everything. And it’s not 42.” [I’ll include the answer at the bottom, but do you know this reference?**] After trying it a few times, took it out as I didn’t want to hear crickets when the audience didn’t get it.

This last one, “Say Millennial Get Punched,” I had a lot of different confirmation since submitting that it was the right topic. The idea kept coming up and I found myself feverishly revising with the different conversations – adding lines like “walking up hill in the snow both ways to work.” It came up in other presentations, in #nextchat talks, in conversations with others.

The talk goes so fast. 5 minutes and you need to be on for those 5 minutes, barely time to take a breath. When I finished, I wasn’t sure I hit all my points, but I was done. Considered a mike drop. It felt good, and not just to be done. I felt like I nailed it. And the adrenaline was flowing. I feel like I hit what a good DisruptHR talk is.

I did remember the next morning that I left out one of my better lines (or what I think is one of my better lines). My talk went from the Generations to Meaningful Work. And I believe I forgot to define Meaningful Work (which means I probably need a blog post). But to me,

Meaningful Work is doing something you enjoy, something you are good at, somewhere you can see how you fit into the big picture.


I wanted to be sure that I share that.

A DisruptHR talk isn’t easy. But I think it is worth it. It is worth the time to write/put together a talk on something you are passionate about or something you are an expert on and then go through the discipline of the DisruptHR format. I want to do it again. I want to go to another DisruptHR event & just hang out & learn from the speakers without the stress of knowing my talk is coming up. I want to put together that DisruptHR VWBus and travel around with the other Disrupt-Heads, taking turns giving talks & learning from each other in these bite sized pieces.


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