My HR Tribe

It has been amazing to me how quickly my HR Tribe has grown in the past few years. Since moving to South Dakota and discovering the how to use Twitter to create a tribe, a network, chat, I have seen my connections expand and grow into real friendships. I’ve found I know more than I thought I did, and less. In less than a year, I’ve rediscovered writing and found that I kind of do know what I’m writing about – thanks to Carlos for the inspiration to get this going.

And here I sit, the first night of the 2017 SHRM Volunteer Leader Summit, hanging in my hotel room reflecting on what an amazing day it has been, amazed at the number of connections I’ve made and been able to strengthen today, connections I probably wouldn’t have even thought to make a few years ago.

I decided I wanted to be sure to hang out with people from South Dakota, to get to know them better, so I asked our council chair to get the names of everyone & send them out to us as a group. She got us all in a text group so we could connect.

In one of the notices from SHRM about the summit, one of the keynote speakers, Karin Hurt, offered the opportunity to spend individual time with her to discuss her topic (developing your brand for your chapter). Having spent time with the SD council strategic planning, I jumped on it and invited others from South Dakota to join me. We had a great discussion with her and ideas to share with others.

And of course, I spent time in real life with members of my #HRTribe. Drinks, dinner and lots of great conversation.

Tomorrow starts the real sessions, the “real” work. Lots of great speakers to look forward to & more time with members of the #HRTribe. I look forward to sharing more! Don’t forget to join the conversation on Twitter by following the #SHRMVLS or #NotatSHRMVLS hashtags!


6 thoughts on “My HR Tribe

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