#HRonPurpose a Book review

Around the time of #SHRM17, Steve Browne had a book published. He titled it “HR On Purpose !!” (and yes, the !! are on purpose!). Now I love reading what Steve shares on Twitter and on his blog. Steve is a positive force for HR. You cannot hear him, or listen to him and not come away without at least feeling more positive about life and your role in HR. This book will leave you with the same mind set.

In 23 short, readable chapters, Steve captures his vision for what HR can and should be. Each chapter offers advice from his experience, stories from his past and present to illustrate his point. His writing is down to earth and accessible to everyone – no big fancy words here! It’s easy to sit down & read through the entire book quickly or to take it chapter by chapter at your leisure, whenever you have that extra 5 minutes to sneak in a little more knowledge.

Steve has chapters that address employee engagement, company culture, challenging the status quo. I love that he also spends time talking about networking, not as a means to an end, to a new job or fancier job title, but as a way to be a stronger HR practitioner. It’s interesting how much of our education as HR practitioners is how to help our employees. There is precious little on how to help ourselves.

The best part of being connected to Steve is the ongoing inspiration. Steve makes you want to be a better HR practitioner, better human. Will reading this book make you one? Well, no. That’s on you not the book. However, the book (and Steve) will give you fantastic ideas for being more intentional in your interactions with employees, staff, leadership as you continue in your journey as an HR pro. And if you aren’t an HR pro, maybe reading this book will give you some insight into what a real, strategic, caring HR pro can be like and why you want/need them in your organization.

Bottom line: “If a department has people in it, then it needs HR” and you need to read this book.

[My first read of this book was the quick, not wanting to stop to mark, remember, share specific points. Having done that, I fully expect at least 1 more read, carefully, through so I can mark parts that either confirm something I’ve been thinking about or challenge me to change how I practice HR , which I will then share either via Twitter or here. Enjoy the book!]


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