#HRSocialHour Let’s Connect in 2018!

I’ve recently written about resolutions, or at least mine for 2018. It’s cliche to think about resolutions at the beginning of the year, but with a chance for a fresh start and all that. And as Jon and I were contemplating kicking off the #HRSocialHour chats for 2018, we kind of thought that we would take the easy way out for January.

Seriously, though, we are excited to get back into our routine of monthly social hours, getting to know you all a little better & maybe even look for opportunities to meet IRL.  Timg_5899here are some great conferences coming up this year that a lot of folks on this chat are attending like Work Human, SHRM18, SHRM Talent Conference, SHRM Diversity & Inclusion Conference, so so many state level conferences [Join me at the South Dakota state SHRM conference in Deadwood!] and shout out to Bamboo for gathering this list of conferences!

Even though we are going to talk about your resolutions, I hope that one of them is to attend at least one of the conferences above and you will let us know where you are going (tag #HRSocialHour) so we can connect in real life because connecting in real life adds an awesome dimension to the online connection.

But first, join us Sunday January 28 at 7 p.m. ET, on Twitter & #HRSocialHour. To help you get prepared, here’s our question line up:

  • Q1. What’s in your glass?
  • Q2. What movie/TV show/book/pop culture “thing” are you most excited about for 2018?
  • Q3. Did you make any personal resolutions this year? Will you share one with us?
  • Q4. Did you make any professional resolutions this year? Will you share one with us?
  • Q5. How can we help hold you accountable to those resolutions this year?
  • Q6. What are you most excited about personally or professionally in 2018?

And there will be a BIG announcement during the chat, so be sure to join us so you don’t miss out!


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