#HRSocialHour Podcast: Episode 2 with Kelly Marinelli

I was really excited when Jon suggested Kelly Marinelli for our 2nd guest. I’ve known Kelly on Twitter for a couple of years now and finally met her in person last fall at DisruptHRMSP and then again at SHRM VLS. We are definitely a social media friendship success story & I am proud to count her among my close friends!

We enjoyed chatting with Kelly about her experience and her SHRM addiction.


Listen as Kelly get a commitment from both Jon & me to attend SHRM 18 (which all 3 of us are on the Blog Squad so we will definitely be there and you need to follow all of us!). She also asked Jon about writing a blog, never say never …


Listen to the full podcast on Podbean here.

Fun Facts about Kelly:

What was in her glass? red wine!

How did we connect? Twitter, of course! Kelly & Jon met in person for the first time at SHRM 16; Kelly & I met in person when she came to DisruptHR MSP!

Her book: Driving Great Hires: Using authentic employer branding to find your best hire {and I still need to read it!!}

Giving back to the HR community: In addition to her SHRM addiction, she loves to mentor.

Who should you follow on Twitter? Kelly named a lot of people, but specifically called out the following bloggers/tweeters in the legal field:  @eric_b_meyer@k8bischhrlaw, @jeffreysnowak@jonathan_hr_law@jonhyman

Favorite movies: Saturday Night Fever (great soundtrack).

Music: 70s/80s, especially the AM dial, easy listening

TV: British and French crime dramas

How do you connect with Kelly? Visit her Solve Inc. website to be able to connect with her in a variety of ways, including social media.

Be sure you are connected with Kelly!

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