#HRSocialHour: Episode 5

I love that this episode came out the morning after I got to meet Kyra in person when I was in Denver for DisruptHR. She joined us Wednesday evening for some Shenanigans at the Rio in Boulder and I got to hang out with her again at Disrupt (obviously)! An HR Shenanigator will always be at Disrupt!img_6202

Kyra works for a primary care physician and is very passionate about the subject. She shares some knowledge and frustrations of some of the current discussion/debates on the topic. She seriously needs to just bite the bullet and do a DisruptHR talk on this topic. I think HR can influence that conversation, and especially ensure we are using the correct words when we discuss the health INSURANCE industry and how that affects our employees (I’m so on board with her on this idea – we don’t have a health CARE problem in this country, we have a health INSURANCE problem).Episode_5_-_Jon_Wendy_talk_to_Kyra_Matkovich

Fun Facts about Kyra:

What was in her glass? Upslope Craft Lager

How did we connect? After SHRM15 in Vegas, Kyra got connected with Steve Browne on Twitter and then the DisruptHRDen community. While looking around Twitter, she found me and then Jon.

Great networking quote by Kyra: “Build longer tables, not higher fences”

Giving back to the HR community: it took Kyra 10-12 years in the HR field to feel comfortable, so she likes to help others who are entering HR by being their mentor.

Who should you follow/read? Anyone who posts on Twitter with the #HRTribe Carlos Escobar, Mary Faulkner, Greg Hawkes, Brad Montgomery, Galen Emanuele

Favorite movies: Gone with the Wind and Lego Batman

Music: Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats

TV: NFL or binge watching a series on Netflix

How do you connect with Kyra?


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