#HRSocialHour: Innovation in HR

Another great #HRSocialHour conversation was had on 3/25/18! We had a few people doing some multi-tasking as there was some crazy games in March Madness happening and 60 Minutes decided to air it’s interview with Stormy Daniels at the same time. Could we really compete? Yes. Yes we can. We had quite a few first timers join in, which was fantastic.

We talked about innovation in HR, so I wanted to share some of the great stuff that was shared.

We had a great list of innovators in HR

Be sure to follow those hashtags & people to participate in the conversations. Lots of great people to be connected to, especially when you have questions.

Success Stories

We had a lot of great success stories that were shared.

  • Steve Browne shared that he is intentionally integrating HR into every aspect of his organization. He is also looking at ways to simplify HR [yes! We definitely need to simplify what we do!]
  • Michelle Kohlhof shared that she brought in some SilkRoad technology platforms to help steer HR in her organization.
  • LaTonya Wilkins is working to revamp the evaluation process, focusing on coaching, goals and commitments.
  • Cheryl Nelson wants to integrate a national staff recruiting team at her firm.
  • Paula Harvey is looking to overhaul her on-boarding process. They are currently in the research process so I’m hoping she will share a true success story when complete!
  • Melissa Sanborn took a suggestion from Steve Browne’s book and scheduled time to meet with all supervisors/managers to find their gaps and find out how she can help them.
  • Kyra Matkovich is learning about her industry to turn the concerns of the business into action to keep our business relevant – and ensure we’re still the trailblazer in our space.
  • I personally have started a lean process review of our recruitment process, trying to lower our time to fill.
  • Vg is looking at emerging HR technology to work more efficiently.
  • Jazmine Wilkes is getting ready to lead the HRIS for her company and is going to start talking about wellness.

Barriers to Innovation

One of the top barriers that was brought up was the on-going love of “The Way We’ve Always Done It.” People, all people, are resistant to change and if we are going to be innovative, we need to help people overcome that resistance. I personally have found success when I take the time to ensure they understand WIIFM (what’s in it for me). Most people are scared or resistant to change because they don’t understand how it will make their life better. If you can help them see that, they will come around.

Other barriers included:

  • Money
  • Resources
  • Time
  • Leadership buy-in or support (or lack thereof)
  • Politics
  • Self-doubt
  • Sometimes we try to go for the home run, rather than trying to get on base — small incremental changes can go a lot further than the big changes
  • I think Baskaran Ambalavanan nailed it in a single tweet: “Using disparate systems with inconsistent business process & not having the right talent inventory to manage”

How can we help?

First, follow each other & network. This network can provide ideas, assistance, and insight into making change work.

Share blogs, tweets, posts of those you have found helpful and innovative.

Check in with non-HR folks. What else is going on in your industry? In other industries that might work in yours? To be successful in HR, you need to also understand the business.

Ask questions within your online and in person networks.

Be a mentor. Make time for your network. Twitter coffee breaks are just as much fun as IRL breaks.

You can see the whole conversation on Storify.


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