#HRSocialHour: A Very Special Episode

81gBN6f3TGL._RI_SX200_When Jon and I were talking about starting our podcast, he recommended I listen to Hostile Work Environment, not just because of the topic (which is awesome), but because of the production value. Their sound is almost always spot on, even with their guests.

But most HR professionals love these kinds of stories and Marc & Dennis’s friendship and chemistry shines through in each episode. Jon and I enjoyed chatting with Marc & Dennis and being a part of their podcast as well. I laughed out loud at the snarky comments, especially around my current employer, SD State University vs. San Diego State University (I should have told them the story about our grounds shop getting a call asking when they were going to mow, in January) and how they should pronounce “SHRM” (see their other podcasts on how to pronounce all those wonderful acronyms!)

Jon and Marc bonded over the band Rush and Jon started making comments about a couple of cross-over episodes. And suddenly, we were comparing schedules and getting  it on the calendar! We were able to do the recording on a rainy (for me) Saturday after Girl Scout cookie sales. We spent almost 2 hours on Skype chatting and sharing stories. I loved chatting with them and hope we can all meet IRL soon!


Fun Facts about Marc & Dennis:

How did we connect? Marc and Jon connected (and bonded) via #RushSaturday They’ve brought Dennis & I along for the ride!

How has networking helped their careers? One of Marc’s regrets is not actively networking in the past. His advice is to share content and comment on other’s and reach out to make connections. (If you share it, they will come)

Who should you follow/read?

Favorite movies:

  • Dennis: Citizen Kane
  • Marc: Princess Bride; Casablanca



How do you connect with HWE Podcast?

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