#HRSocialHour: Episode 7

Due to some human error, we got to visit with John Kates twice (which is probably good as it would have been a challenge for Jacob to edit out all my sneezes when I couldn’t get to the mute button fast enough)! It was such an honor to speak with this personable, humble man. I would love to sit down to a nice long meal with plenty of good wine, good food for the good company. John has had such a wide variety of experience that there is much to learn from him and I know the story telling would be epic.


Fun Facts about John:

What was in his glass? Pinot Noir

How did we connect? Jon & John met through Career Prospectors, a local job seeker group; we aren’t sure if John and I have met in person yet or not, but definitely connected on Twitter.

How has networking helped? A couple of job opportunities arose through networking. Always thought networking was just meeting people, doing some small talk, but it’s really making that connection and finding out how you can help others.

Who should you follow/read?

Favorite movies: Splendor in the Grass, The Graduate, Casablanca, Star Wars, It’s a Wonderful Life

Music: Carolina Beach Music


How do you connect with John?

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