#HRSocialHour: Episode 9

Adding Kate to our line up was a must. She is sassy, sweet & so wonderful to be around. We’ve been connected on Twitter for quite a while. She got me into the HR Compliance Course through Mitchell-Hamline and meeting her in person for the first time at DisruptHR MSP was like running into an old friend. She knows her stuff and is happy to share her knowledge with others (even though she could probably charge us for it, thankfully she doesn’t like to bill).

And I’m about to create a game around how many connections Jon can make between people he knows (including famous people he’s met) and some of our guest’s favorite things!

Fun Facts about Kate:

What was in her glass? Lambrusco

How did we connect? started on #nextchat. She was one of those who let us know our #NotatSHRM17 were showing up at SHRM17.

Who should you follow/read?

Favorite movies: Philadelphia Story, Die Hard (and this is my blog, so NOT A CHRISTMAS MOVIE)

Music: Elton John, Wheezer, Paul McCartney. And she will blast Air Supply.

TV: Murphy Brown (super excited about the reboot!)

How do you connect with Kate?

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