#HRSocialHour: Fictional HR

One of our first chats was about our favorite (and not so favorite) fictional leaders. We touched a little on fictional HR, but mostly on what we focused on the person we might be working for. Jon & I wanted to switch it up a little bit and talk about those fictional HR folks.

HR’s taking a beating lately, and some of it may rest in the fact that so many fictional HR characters are either evil (Catbert) or ineffective (Toby Flenderson). People in large companies may not know anyone in HR, so these portrayals may be some people’s only idea of who HR is.

And while there are some HR people out there like those extreme characters, I would argue that more are like Drew Carey [Drew Carey Show from the mid-90s — remember it?], someone who is trying to do the right thing, but continue to get knocked down by upper management. He even made training videos for Winfred-Louder Department Store.

So let’s chat about these characters: like George Clooney’s Ryan Bingham from Up in the Air, the “Bobs” from Office Space, Claire from HR (SNL skit) who just wants to help you learn how to not sexually harass someone!claire.

So sit back & join us on Sunday as we chat about these fictional HR characters & what we might be able to learn.

Q1. What’s in your glass?
Q2. How are you doing with the resolutions you brought up in our January chat? If you weren’t there, did you make any resolutions that you’re keeping?
Q3. Who is your favorite ineffective fictional HR leader and why?
Q4. Who is your favorite effective fictional HR leader and why? Or does one even exist?
Q5. What HR lessons, good or bad have you learned in TV/Movies?
Q6. What movie/TV show title could be used to describe your HR career?
QTG.   What can those of us in the #HRSocialHour do to help you right now?

We’ll see you Sunday!

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