#HRSocialHour: Episode 12 with @melissaksanborn

Melissa Sanborn, a Kansas native & graduate of Kansas State University, is our second guest with a master’s in Industrial Psychology [is this a sign to me to find a program finally?] Melissa has been a supporter of the podcast and chats from the beginning and it was a pleasure to have her on. She’s fairly new to the HR arena, and found us by following people who have HR in their profile — I’ve heard of others doing this and it seems to work well! Of course, I’ve been known to pick a wine based on the label, so don’t knock judging by the cover!

We also talk about her blog and how it can be difficult to come up with something new to say in the world of HR. But as Jon says, your voice is your own and your way of saying it may resonate differently with different people, so go ahead & write on the same topic.

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Fun Facts about Melissa

What was in her glass? Winters Grind by Mother’s Brewing

How has networking helped her? Melissa highly recommends getting involved in HR Twitter chats to help interact with other HR professionals — you need to do more than just like and follow!

Who should you follow/read?

Favorite movies: Romantic Comedies, like Bridget Jones’ Diary  She also has to watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers every Christmas (she does not recommend watching it on a 4K TV).

Music: Billy Joel

TV: The Office, US version

How do you connect with Melissa?



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