#HRSocialHour: Episode 13 with @MKohlHR

Soon after we recorded this episode, Jon had the opportunity to meet Michelle Kohlhof  IRL when she joined him and John Kates in being the cheering section for Anne Tomkinson at her first DisruptHR experience in Richmond. I love when we are finally able to meet our guests in person and am really looking forward to seeing a bunch of them at #SHRM18 — many of our past guests are on the blog squad (I’m sure we’ll get more of them on after Chicago), so I hope you will look for all of us in the bloggers lounge!30712634_159474181415225_2129496522532847616_o

Michelle is a federal contractor who loves to bbq. She’s traveled around quite a bit with her Air Force husband, but now calls DC home. Michelle definitely did her homework prior to our call as she was able to dig up my old wine blog and we connect wine tasting with recruitment!


Fun Facts about Michelle

What’s in her glass? Stiegl Radler

Michelle’s recommendations were too many to list, but be sure to follow the #SHRM18Blogger tag.

Movie: A Good Superhero movie and Julie Roberts movies like Erin Brockovich

Music: Bon Jovi, Ed Sheeran and Carrie Underwood

TV: This is Us or Fixer Upper

How to reach Michelle:

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