#HRSocialHour Jon & Wendy Talk to Each Other

At #SHRM18, Jon & I had the wonderful opportunity to hang out for 5 awesome days in Chicago. As we were there, we took the time to record this very special mega episode and share more information about US!

I don’t want to give anything away about this episode so you won’t find the list of our favorites here. I have to admit I did learn a few things about Jon during this conversation and I know you will to.

It was great to be able to hang out with him in person and get to know him better throughout our time at SHRM18. Though I must say it was odd, when we were in different places, to be asked “where’s Jon?” [A couple of times I have to admit I thought, Jeez, he’s not my husband! but that’s what happens when you have a podcasting partner!]

I love working with Jon on this project and I look forward to see what the next year has to bring! (hopefully better selfie skills from Jon!)


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