#HRSocialHour: Episode 22 with @sel_watts @wattsnextBen & @_Kavi

I know I’ve talked about this a hundred times before and I’ll probably talk about it 100s times again, but the connections during SHRM were by far the best part of the 5 days (well 6 after getting stuck at the airport Wednesday night) I spent in Chicago. And even better, Jon and I took the opportunity to do some mini-interviews with some of our international friends whom it is very very difficult to try to figure out time zones [I sometimes have trouble with Jon & me just one time zone off!] We threw in some Question Connection questions and a few other things we wanted to know and came away with some great podcasts!

Fair warning that the sound is definitely different! Jon brought his wife’s two microphone recording device which did a fantastic job of picking up our voices, and the voices of everyone else in the room. We had a curtained off area in the blogger’s lounge for

We couldn’t do this without Watts Next! I’ve been following them on Twitter for some time, I know a met a few of them at #SHRM16 in Washington. Sel is working on a New York office and Ben is holding down the fort in Syndey. It was so interesting chatting with them about the differences in what HR people need to focus on. Sel talks a bit about how she has had to adjust her “sales pitch” when talking with American businesses so she doesn’t spend the time telling the potential customers what she doesn’t do.

  • Favorite Movies: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off & Weekend at Bernies (Ben); Wonder Woman (Sel)
  • Favorite Music: Pearl Jam (Ben)
  • Favorite TV Show: Million Dollar Listing New York
  • Favorite part of the conference: Figuring out the main theme [this year, stop talking about the different generations and we all are responsible for our own work place experience] (Sel); Networking & global education (Ben)

Kavi (the “poet king”) shared with us about learning & development in India. I only recently connected on Twitter with Kavi, and it was a pleasure to meet someone “new” — so many of the SHRM Bloggers I’ve known for so long, it felt like a reunion meeting them, but Kavi was new. Kavi also brought each blogger a gift of a magnetic pin with our Twitter handle on it. [I’m happy to say mine made it home & now smiles at me from my badge collection.]

  • Favorite Movie: loves to watch documentaries
  • Favorite Music: enjoys music created for films
  • Favorite Book (just for Kavi): Cluetrain Mainifesto
  • Favorite part of the conference: the conversations that just happened

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