#GuestPost: Connections with @garryturner0

Recently, I connected with Garry Turner on Twitter. Garry reached out to me when I first started asking for guest posts; he shared a post he had written on Connections and asked if we could chat about his podcast. And the answer is, of course, Of Course! And after several failed attempts to connect due to time zone confusion, we finally chatted last week. We had a fantastic conversation around connections and how social media has enhanced the ability to connect with people around the world. We are living in the age of the Jetsons!


Garry shared this great post on Connections as a Guest Post here:

Positively moving forward, the advent of technology is starting to help reverse that trend.

There, rightly, is a lot of challenge to using tech too much, being ‘always on’ etc, but for me personally, I truly sense, and I am experiencing personally, a rapid re connection and clarification as to who I am as a person, who I am at work and indeed who I am outside of work.  The alignment around all 3 areas has never been so strong for which I am grateful, but why do I share this?

The title of this blog is connection.

Without the advent of technology, especially social media which for me is mainly Twitter, LinkedIn and a little Facebook, it would taken me months longer, if indeed I ever found them, to connect with so many influences in my life including Perry Timms, Helen Amery, Katy Snell, Juan Castillo, Kelly Swingler, Rob Baker, Catherine Beater, Georgie Pinder, Jo Kandola, Luke O Mahoney, Han Szurek, Jayne Harrison, Rav Billan, Karen Bevan, Piers Thurston, Matt O Neill and just so, so many more.

For every one of these connections technology has been THE or a majority enabler of me meeting, sharing, learning and growing with this awesome set of people.

Read Garry’s full post here.

Garry is in sales and marketing and is now moving into the people realm. He has chartered status with CIPD (the professional body for HR & people development). He is  fueled by a deep personal purpose to help rehumanise the world of work by serving organisations and their leaders to more inclusive, vulnerable and just org designs, amplifying results in the process. I am looking forward to learning more about and from Garry as he shares more via his podcast and blog.

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