A Holiday Special: #HRSocialHour & #NextChat Crossover!

Jon and I love a good crossover episode, and we also love a good Holiday episode so when we discovered Mary was taking December 26th off (a much deserved break!), we volunteered to host the chat. So if you’re like me and in the office, or like Jon and not, we hope you will join us as we take a look at 2018 in review. We are at the usual #nextchat day and nextchat time, Wednesday 3 p.m. ET.

[We promise our holiday will be much better than this one, but it got your attention, yes?]

Be sure to use both the #HRSocialHour and #Nextchat hashtags and reply to other Tweets to make it easier to follow the conversation (quoting a tweet will create a new conversation thread).

Here are the questions to help you prepare for our hour together. Help us close out 2018 on a high note!

  • What’s in your glass? #Nextchat #HRSocialHour
  • What was the best #HR related book, article, or blog post that you read this year? What made it so great? #Nextchat #HRSocialhour
  • Did you attend an #HR conference or related event in 2018? Who was your favorite speaker/presenter? #Nextchat #HRSocialHour
  • What was the most memorable way you gave back to the #HR community in 2018? #Nextchat #HRSocialHour
  • Who is on #HR person you met/discovered in 2018 that you think we should know? #Nextchat #HRSocialHour
  • How can those of us taking part in #Nextchat #HRSocialHour help you as we go into 2019?
  • QTG: What are you most excited about professionally in 2019? #Nextchat #HRSocialhour

We’ll see you Wednesday!


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