#HRSocialHour Episode 42 with @mollielombardi

Our Thanksgiving episode featured Mollie Lombardi of HR Gives Back. We were introduced to Mollie by Laurie Ruettimann who is a huge supporter of this awesome movement to support Parkinson’s Research. We hope that when you are looking for somewhere to give your donations, you will consider HR Gives Back!

But Mollie is much more than her disease! She is an HR data analyst helping HR professionals with HR technology at Aptitude Research Partners. I loved getting to know her better and bonding over our shared love of the Barenaked Ladies.

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Fun Facts about Mollie

How did we connect? Laurie Ruettimann introduced Jon to Mollie and the HR Gives Back campaign

Mollie’s recommendations:

Favorite movie:  Almost Famous

Favorite music: Barenaked Ladies

Favorite TV show: The West Wing

How to reach Mollie:

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