#HRSocialHour Chat: Goals!

Recently, Jon and I sat down to record the 50th episode of the HR Social Hour podcast. Anyone who does podcast will tell you that we’ve done a lot of podcasts! For our 50th, we asked our listeners to send us some questions and we got some good ones! I think my favorite was Ben Eubanks and his question around our ultimate goal for the podcast.

The answer lies somewhere between my 2 “answers” of “Just don’t suck” and “World domination.” Jon and I are having fun, and it’s true that if you enjoy what you do, you don’t mind the work (especially when you have a partner like SkillScout to lift some of the load). And we have a plan to get to at least 100 episodes. We’d like to get a few more sponsors. We’d like to increase our audience. We’d like to attend some conference and record some podcasts there. So we’ve got some work to do (in addition to paying attention to our families, our real jobs, etc)

As Jon and I talk about our goals this year, we want to kick off the Twitter chats with the same. Let’s talk about your goals & expectations for 2019. Join us on Sunday January 27 at 7 pm ET for the #HRSocialHour chat! Use the hashtag and jump into the conversation. Be sure to Reply to Tweets to continue a conversation (keep it in a thread) and use Quote to start a new thread or just share a thought.

Q1    What’s in your glass?

Q2    What’s the one thing you are most proud of that you did last year either personally or professionally?  Why that thing?

Q3    What do you expect to be the hottest topic/item in #HR this year either for your organization or across the industry?

Q4    Did you make any personal resolutions/goals this year that you’re willing to share with us?

Q5    Did you make any professional resolutions/goals this year that you’re willing to share with us?

Q6    How can we help hold you accountable to those resolutions/goals this year?

QTG    We have released over 70 episodes of the podcast now! Do you have a favorite?

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