#HRSocialHour Episode 38 with Joey Price

I’ve been listening to HR podcasts on and off for a couple of years. Joey’s podcast Business, Life & Coffee was one of the first I would listen to on a regular basis (and actually where I first learned about Chris Fields, but I’ll save that for Chris’ episode). Joey is a bit unique in that he combines his podcast with a Youtube channel. My first opportunity to talk to Joey was when he invited me to be on his show as part of a series he did to introduce SHRM18 bloggers to his audience. Joey is so easy to talk to and brings out the best in his guests! We met Joey face to face when he (and his lovely wife) joined us for our SHRM18 Saturday evening gathering at Gino’s East in Chicago for some awesome deep dish pizza.

Joey is an HR consultant, starting & running JumpStartHR, where he also writes about his podcasts. We talk about how he got started and his goals.

Networking opens doors that hustle won’t.

Joey V Price
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