I Love HR

What? Really? Yup, you read that right. I do, I really do like where I am in my career right now. And at this moment, I am also thinking about where do I want the side gig to go (more on that later). But I think it’s also good to think about what’s good with the present. So on this dark snowy night, here’s a few good things about us and those I can count among my tribe:

  • We are friends. Like real friends. Most will answer the tweet, email, call when needed. Whether for support or to vent or to laugh (all today).
  • We want to be better. We may talk about drinking at conferences (a lot) but we also want to learn. We want to improve the profession.
  • We will share. Connections. Information. Advice.
  • We will say Yes. We will support your crazy idea & jump in to support you, unless
  • We need to say No, and tell you that in love & professionalism. And we will only call you crazy to your face (because you know we love you).

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