#HRSocialHour Chat: Performance Management

Does anyone enjoy this? Really? Performance management is, on it’s face, a fantastic idea. Giving employees the feedback they need to be a better employee. But how many times as an employee have you left a performance management meeting feeling beaten up, run down & like the worst employee ever? Even if the evaluation is “good.” Too many managers still believe you need to hand out “shit sandwiches” (go watch the video, I’ll wait) so they go looking for some criticism and then you (the employee) spend the rest of the day/week/year/life time agonizing over that minor thing that your manager likely had to dig back into the recesses of the year to find because they HAVE to have something for you to work on. Because no one is perfect, right? [I’ve given managers this crappy advice based on the “process” and I’ve hated it.]

There’s a lot of discussion on how to improve performance manager, both for the employee and the leader providing the feedback. And as HR professionals, we get to see all sides of the performance management process: our own, as leaders, the process, the training (that does or doesn’t happen). Jon & I thought this would be a great time to share and talk about performance management and how we can help each other because I don’t think, for the majority of us, that the traditional Performance Management process is going anywhere.

Join us Sunday, February 24, 7 pm ET for our monthly Twitter Chat!


  • What’s in your glass?
  • How are those 2019 goals/resolutions coming along? Progress? Anything we can help with?
  • How does your organization handle #PerformanceManagement? Annual/biannual/other? 360? What’s the reason behind it? What tools do you use?
  • How do you personally prepare for your own #PerformanceManagement meeting (as an employee)?
  • What do you do to make the process better for employees? How do you help employees handle/understand #PerformanceManagement meetings?
  • Do you provide training to leaders on how to deliver #PerformanceManagement conversations? Tips/Tricks/Insights to share?
  • Do you have #PerformanceManagement tools or vendors you’ve worked with that you would recommend to others?

We’ll see you Sunday on the interwebz!

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