#HRWonderWomen with @tmrasberry

It’s been a few years since I first connected with Tamara on Twitter. It was likely via #nextchat, because, yeah, that’s where I met 90% of my HR friends and contacts. We got to meet in person at #SHRMVLS where she, Anne, Janelle and I bonded over some great food & drink. We met up again at SHRM18 as part of the blog squad and once again bonded over great food & drink (which included mimosas of course).

Tamara is a force! She is no-nonsense and passionate about words. Words matter. We talk about that a lot during our #HRWonderWoman chat and how can HR help change the conversation by thinking more about the words we choose to use, such as the difference between terminating an employee and terminating employment.

Check out the full conversation below!

Click, listen, rate, review!

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