Relaunch – this time with Focus

I struggled for a long time with starting a blog. I wasn’t sure if my voice would really add to the conversation or if it would get lost in the noise that is social media. I wasn’t sure what I was an “expert” on. I did a family blog for a while. And a wine blog. But after a conversation with Carlos, I started fresh and jumped into the HR blogging world. I’ve still struggled with it. Is my voice unique? Do I have anything worthwhile to share? Am I an “expert”? After all, I don’t have a “title” to prove it. When you go to a conference, you see the bios of the speakers and most of them have Director, VP, CHRO, some sort of title that shows they know what they are talking about. Not me. You won’t see anything like that in my bio or LinkedIn profile.

I’ve written about how titles are both meaningless and meaningful (at the same time), so I definitely shouldn’t get myself tied up in that. I enjoy writing, and as long as I can, I plan to continue. But I also want to grow this side gig. I’ve started stretching my speaking legs. Jon & I have found some great opportunities with the podcast. I’ve talked with some people and I signed up for the Problogger 31 Days to Build a Better Blog course. This course has gotten me thinking about what I want my readers to get out of my blog. If my blog is just for me, then it doesn’t matter. But I think I want more for my blog, for me.

But I’m also at a point that I don’t want to be a leader in the traditional sense. I don’t want to manage people. Being back in talent acquisition has reminded me what I enjoyed about it. I like working with people and processes and figuring out how to keep HR equitable (not equal). and I know I’m not alone in that. I know there are other HR professionals out there who just want to do their job well, represent the profession well and help both to grow – and that doesn’t necessarily mean getting the fancy schmancy title. I’d rather grow like this.

So here’s what I’m going to focus on: writing for all HR professionals. Not just those in charge. I want to be sure my posts are speaking to how each one of us can affect change to the organization and profession, not just those with the title. My goal is to help those HR professionals, at any level, who are frustrated with the status quo to make change, however incremental, to help move the needle in the work place. To help move the needle for HR professionals. Because we KNOW we need a better reputation out there. And we can be the change we want to see in the world.

I hope you will continue to join me on this journey!

2 thoughts on “Relaunch – this time with Focus

  1. Fred Eck

    I enjoyed Wendy’s blog. I can relate to her challenges and initial fears.
    Reading her thoughts, helped me to re-think my concerns and fears.
    I look forward to reading more of her posts and see how things progress.


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