It’s #HRCarnival!

I am so excited to be able to host #HRCarnival for April! I’ve linked Twitter profiles where available, so be sure to connect with all these great writers!

Kicking it off with this awesome submission from my good friend Tamara Rasberry on how we LOVE to talk ourselves out of a good thing! “Please stop using irrelevant criteria to talk yourself out of a good thing. Just imagine all the good things you may have missed out on. Just because you didn’t get a “Thank You” note or some other irrelevant thing? It’s not worth it. “

Melissa Feineman Suzuno shares her thoughts on bias in the hiring process — which every HR pro knows a little about, right? Melissa highlights 4 that you need to pay attention to. “But when it comes to making the best hiring decisions for your company, bias can actually do more harm than good. Our susceptibility to bias can unintentionally lead us to select people from certain groups over others,  making us less likely to hire people from diverse backgrounds. This is why it’s so important to raise awareness of how bias can influence our decisions and take steps to reduce its power.”

Prasad Kurian shares his thoughts on when Age is not just a Number! “I
wonder if they demonstrate some sort of ‘ageism’ at the workplace or if there are other more ‘rational’ reasons involved! Is age the issue or is it being used as a (convenient) ‘proxy’ for other factors?”

Y’all know how I feel about the barrage of information on generational differences. Ben Eubanks takes on some of this as well in his recent post on How to Invest in All Employees. “While there may be some minor generational differences in workplace preferences, the truth is ALL your people want to learn, grow, use their strengths and be recognized and appreciated for their efforts.

We really need to look at how inclusive we are at all levels, including mentoring. Dorothy Dalton has a great post on Inclusive Mentoring today. #MeToo and #Times up have required “a grasp of the “manscripts” that dominate our corporate cultures, which shape all interactions, not just mentoring. “

Everyone wants to find a way to elevate the employee experience and
Megan Burns writes about 4 ways to do so for WorkHuman. “As I look back on these and other stories from Workhuman Live, one thing is clear – we have enormous power to change employee experience just by being a part of it. “

Jess Huckins shares some insights from author Nataly Kogan’s “Happier Now” as part of the WorkHuman Book Club! Join them on Facebook!

Sabrina Baker gets into some details regarding prevailing wages & shares everything you want to know but didn’t know you wanted to know about them! “I did what any self-respecting consultant (or lawyer for that matter, don’t let them fool you) would do, I went to Google and searched for everything I could. Once I found out what this particular clients problem was – a wage and hour investigation because they hadn’t been paying prevailing wage, I said a few Hail Marys and dove in.”

We all just want the quick fix nowadays don’t we? Julie Winkle Giulioni shares her thoughts, and is sure to include that “Coaching is not a series of isolated activities; it’s a relationship. It’s not a discrete conversation; it’s pervasive and ongoing dialogue.”

Hopefully if you are one of my regular readers, you are also a regular podcast listener! And if you listen to mine, you definitely need to also listen to Laurie Ruettimann & her Let’s Fix Work podcast. This week, she talks about relationship building with Kevin Kruse. “Besides talking about a “no rules” work zone, we discussed the role of “love” in leadership. That’s right, love. We explored the idea that you don’t actually need to like someone who works for you or with you, but you do need to love that person.”

Rachel Ben Hamou shares some thoughts from HR Transform 19 and looks like it was a great time!

In a new sure to be hit chick flick, Janine Comito on Voice of HR shares her hit “How to Lose an Employee in 10 Days “Are you inspired by the headlines about harsh, take-no-prisoners leaders? Want to really show your employees who’s boss? Congratulations! Your employees are probably looking for new jobs.”

Talia Edmundson shares her thoughts on the difference between a hand out & a hand up in Throwing a Rope. “The world needs hand-outs. Hand-outs create a ripple. The hand up is what happens after the contribution is made.”

Yvonne Rose writes about the process of forecasting recruiting trends & shares her 14 trends to expect. “Staying up to date on technology is a challenge. “

#ShamelessPlug time, but I did really enjoy working on this blog post for Prosky about the challenges of hiring internally. We all love the rags to riches story, but are we doing enough to truly promote from within?

Just in time for Easter! Katee VanHorn shares some musings on what does true inclusion look like? “Isn’t asking if it’s okay for someone to wear a cross the same as asking if it’s okay for them to wear a hijab, a #blacklivesmatter t-shirt, or a rainbow pin? All of these things should be okay. We should be allowed to be our whole selves without fear. “

And last but certainly not least, please be sure you are following the #HRSocialHour Podcast! You can find all of the podcasts on podbean or where ever you listen to podcasts. (Please rate & review!)

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