Boost Innovative Employee Engagement with TicketsatWork

We all know an engaged workforce is a productive, loyal workforce and yet it’s continually a challenge to determine the best ways to support employees.

Engagement is not a one-and-done event. It must be ongoing, and organizations that include regular recognition as part of their culture have more engaged employees.

If we’ve learned anything from millennial feedback, it’s that people want to be recognized in ways they like. In short: Recognition is not one size fits all. Everyone’s needs and goals are different – and it’s not feasible to have infinite options at your fingertips to acknowledge a job well done. Or is it?

TicketsatWork affords you, the employer, a multitude of options for providing rewards that are timely and meaningful.

Well-being beyond the workplace

A happy employee is a productive employee. While the ties between happiness and experiences are clear, how an employer can influence life outside of the workplace is fuzzier. Since cost is often the prohibiting factor in booking a trip or securing a ticket, offering savings on theme parks, beach getaways, concerts, Broadway shows, sporting events and more can be incredibly meaningful. TicketsatWork offers exclusive discounts on travel and entertainment, so your employees are encouraged to make the most of their time outside of the office.

When employees find work-life balance and build lasting memories, not only do they return to work refreshed and engaged, but those memories are forever tied to the experiences your organization afforded them.

Corporate Rewards and Incentives
Boost employee engagement with rewards. The TicketsatWork Corporate Rewards and Incentives Program allows managers to provide recognition, and employees can then stretch those incentive dollars with discounts on all things travel and entertainment. I live in South Dakota, so I can put my rewards toward visiting some of the country’s top destinations, or a restaurant chain or movie theater nearby.

These rewards help you create a culture that goes beyond the workplace. While you’re reinforcing great work with rewards, your employees are returning to work with a story to tell their peers, therefore reinforcing you as an employer who invests in overall well-being. And we all know that happy employees are the best recruiters!

TicketsatWork at #SHRM19
Be sure to stop by the TicketsatWork Booth 1504 to learn more about the great ways you can enhance your company culture. If you missed them at SHRM19, check out their website for lots of great information.

By taking time to recognize your employees, you make a connection. When you make a connection, you show your employees you care. When employees know you care, they will give their all.

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