Why Control of Your Personal Brand is Important for Employee Engagement.

As part of my SHRM blogging, I was invited to do a Twitter Take Over with TicketsatWork. I scanned the schedule to see if there was a session that would be a good match for the employee engagement that TicketsatWork supports. I had planned to attend a Personal Brand session with a speaker I had interviewed. I wondered if it would fit with employee engagement – I know that an employee who is comfortable in who they are and what they can contribute is more likely to be engaged. I decided to take a chance!

S. Renee’s session kicked off with some misconceptions about personal branding. There are people who aren’t fans of the phrase. “People aren’t toothpaste.” But personal brand is just you in control of your reputation. Your brand is you sharing You and your skills. You need to have your brand working for you, or it will work against you. And as an employer, you can assist your employees in figuring out their personal brand, which will help you get to know your employees as individuals.

When thinking about your brand, you need to consider where you are, where you want to go & a couple of paths to get there. Look at your resources: your network, your skills, your time, your abilities and your experiences. How can you use those in your current role and how can they get you where you want to go? You also want to know who your audience is and how you relate to them. What can you give to them that they cannot get from other sources? Dig into who you are to figure out why someone would want to spend time with you, what they will get from you.

As an employer, if you know who your employees are you are better able to recognize them, better able to give them a meaningful gift. Recognizing your employees in a way that is meaningful to them is the first step in getting strong buy in for employee engagement.

These were also some great tips for building your employer brand and your culture. You need to understand who you want to be as an employer and by offering a wide variety of rewards, you can be ready for anyone. With TicketsatWork (and by understanding your employee’s personal brand) you can make recommendations for discounted tickets or gift cards that will help your employees grow their own brand.

I enjoyed learning more about personal brand and looking for the connection between personal brand and employee recognition. These are not difficult concepts, but really involve some basic concepts about understanding who you are and who your employees are.

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