#HRShenanigans & #HRSocialHour Twitter Chat

All HR pros deal with #HRShenanigans in one way or another. Sometimes, we are directly involved and sometimes, only peripherally. But we’ve all got at least one story to tell, so Jon & I thought this would be a fun Twitter Chat, especially if we can share what we’ve learned through the processes. Because, let’s face it, people do some crazy sh*t.

Join us, and special guest Kate Bischoff, as we talk about the Shenanigators and the shenanigans that we we all handle (and as Jon & I recover from the #HRFL19 5k). Sunday, August 25, 7 pm ET.

  1. What’s in your glass?
  2. During your career, have you seen any major shifts in the legal issues that pop up in the workplace? 
  3. Regardless of your HR focus, we all have to manage some #HRShenanigans. Where do you go to gain information and skills to handle those issues?
  4. What are some ways you work to prevent #HRShenanigans in your work environment?
  5. What processes do you have in place to get the workplace “back to normal” after an investigation, regardless of whether there was a finding or not?
  6. How can those of us in the #HRSocialHour community help you right now?

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