Harsh Truths with Bryan Adams at #Embarc

So I’m finally getting to my posts from Embarc. I have to say that this conference was on point – so much great content that it’s taken some time to get my thoughts together. Tonight, though, I want to focus on the opening session with Bryan Adams. Bryan has done a lot of great work around employment brand, as the CEO of Ph. Creative and shared some of his thoughts on what we’re doing wrong, focusing on how we need to stop focusing on what we do well as an employer and start focusing on where our gaps are.

What I really liked about his presentation is that this idea is about helping our candidates self-select in or out of the process before they even start the application. This is about us in Talent Acquisition ensuring we are providing a strong showing from the beginning. And Bryan’s challenge is that we don’t only show the good, but we share our harsh truths. We want people to choose us because of our harsh reality, not in spite of it. We want people who will take on our harsh reality and embrace it.

Attract the best, deflect the rest. Bari Polay

By knowing where your gaps are, you can help prospective employees answer these questions around motivation. Outward motivation: Do I have the skill-set & experience to thrive? Are the benefits (and comp) worth the sacrifice? Are the opportunities worth the commitment?
Inward motivation: Can I make the difference that I actually want to make? Would I fit into this culture? Do I want to fit into this culture? Do I agree, value & believe in the vision?

I think this is key to successful talent acquisition. It can’t be all about getting more and more applications in. I can remember going through hundreds of applications looking for that right person, trying to figure out who meets the minimum qualifications and which applications should go on to the hiring manager for consideration. I keep hearing rumors about people getting kicked out by the ATS, but I have yet to personally use one of these systems that doesn’t have a person touch each and every application (even if it’s the 77th time the application has come through). We need to do a little more work upfront and I love Bryan’s ideas around sharing those harsh realities.

It’s not easy to do and not every organization is ready for it. It goes against your instincts, doesn’t it? What would the marketing department say? You want to share what’s awesome about your organization, you want to attract. And hiring managers, they want to see more candidates right? They like to be absolutely, positively sure they’ve got the best candidate, that person who can “hit the ground running.” But if that person doesn’t want to work with your harsh realities, will they stay?

I want to challenge you to start thinking about this, start working on it. Can you imagine how much more fun talent acquisition would be if you are looking at the top candidates from the very beginning? When you have those initial conversations with candidates, you can talk deeper rather than ensuring they understand what the job is, the hours, the pay rate. We can’t just keep adding hay to the pile and think that we are making it easier to find that needle.

Be sure to check out the full thread of my notes from Bryan’s presentation and the #Embarc tweets from the full conference.

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