#HRWonderWomen Recommendations

Anne Tomkinson and I have been hosting the #HRWonderWomen podcast for a little over a year, 14 episodes. Lots of learning and a lot of missteps, but hopefully we are better women, better feminists for the work. The learning will never be done.

One of my favorite parts of #HRSocialHour is when we talk movies, music & TV and it has become a favorite part of #HRWonderWomen as we focus specifically on women in movies, music & fictional characters. Anne and I have started talking about adjusting the questions a bit, so I thought this would be a good time to highlight what has been shared with us so far & I hope you will check out these recommendations.

Favorite Movies Featuring a Strong Female Cast. Lots of fun movies here & a few I definitely need to add to my viewing list (and re-viewing list!)

Favorite Female Musician – get your Spotify lists ready!

Favorite Female Fictional Character. You may want to update your library or audible wish list!

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