#HRSocialHour & #BlackBlogsMatter – the Crossover Chat You Never Knew You Needed

After a long weekend of selling cookies (seriously, over 2 days, we spent 8 hours at Wal-mart & 2 hours at Runnings. Tired doesn’t begin to cover it!), Rocky & I hit our favorite craft beer tasting room with some cookies to pair up (always good). So I was able to participate in this wonderful Twitter chat with a beverage & many cookies. It was a phenomenal conversation! Sarah Morgan is a great partner to have these conversations with so Jon & I were thrilled to have her along for the ride. I’ve got a few highlights below, and you can see the full conversation here.

We started by sharing our intersecting identities and I loved seeing how everyone interpreted the question. I think that is the key about the question – there is no right or wrong. I know my identities change based on the day, the conversation, those I’m with. It is good to understand how you are approaching a conversation or another person.

We talked about what Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) means.

My favorite infographic to show the difference between equality & equity and how you can change the entire picture by removing the barrier!

We talked about challenges organizations face when it comes to DEIB.

And lots and lots and lots of resources!
Keep on learning

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