The Changed World of Work #HRSocialHour Chat 4/12 7 pm ET

#COVID19 has changed the world of work, for better or worse is yet to be decided. More people are working from home, working different shifts, rotating days. It’s been challenging for all of us to make these adjustments, especially after spending many years saying it just couldn’t be done. It departments are scrambling to ensure the VPN can handle people working off site while HR departments are scrambling to ensure managers are ready to manage from a distance or staff across multiple shifts. Some may be looking to their HRIS or timekeeping systems to see how those systems may be able to assist.

Some of us have been having the conversations for some time. We’ve known that there are some jobs that it really doesn’t matter where the work is completed, that there are some jobs that may need to be completed at a set location, but perhaps the times can vary. This may be the time to look into self-scheduling. And I think we are going to start seeing more options, at least I hope we do. I hope we don’t see everything revert back to how it used to be. Perhaps this “nice” long break from the status quo will show how easy it is to work how we want to work. For all the talk about productivity, now we will really see how productive staff can be and that some work can get done when you least expect it.

Join us Sunday 4/12 7 pm ET on Twitter to talk about it. Be sure to use #HRSocialHour in your tweets so we can all follow the conversation!

  1. What’s in your glass?
  2. Have you made changes work schedules/locations in the past few months due to the #COVID19? Do you think the changes are temporary or permanent?
  3. What kind of scheduling changes would you make if you could? 4 day work weeks, work from home options, alternate scheduling, compressed work week, etc.
  4. What has been the biggest challenge in changing work schedules/locations?
  5. How do you think the world of work will change once this is over? What do you hope to see?
  6. What can the #HRCommunity do to help?

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