#HRSocialHour #Reset a Twitter Chat

As we move into week 127 of the pandemic, we come up on the most popular eat out day in the US: Mother’s Day. But brunch this year will likely be take out or make at home for most of us (and truth be told, I haven’t quite figured out what we are going to do for my mother or mother-in-law – maybe the totally traditional pizza).

But this is not another post about the virus or how to deal with Mother’s Day in light of a pandemic. This chat, Jon & I thought we needed a reset. Let’s talk about the 3 hardest questions We ask on #HRSocialHour! Movies, Music & TV. Join us Mother’s Day evening (6 pm CT) for a fun, light hearted conversation.

  • What’s in your glass?
  • What’s the best movie you’ve watched since #PhysicalDistancing started?
  • Have you discovered a new musician/band or podcast while sheltering a home?
  • There’s plenty of TV to be binged. What’s been new to you while #PhysicalDistancing?
  • Have you picked up a new hobby or interest that you plan to keep pursuing as sheltering at home rules are relaxed?
  • What can those of us in #HRSocialHour do to help you right now? #HRCommunity
We are THRILLED to welcome Compt to our sponsors! They will join us for a chat in June on recognition for your remote workers. Special episode with Amy from Compt coming soon!

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