#MissingSHRM20, but did we?

This is the point where everyone is putting out “what did I learn at SHRM” blog posts. But not this year. COVID has seen to that. But even if we can’t meet in person, we are doing what we can to continue to meet virtually. It’s not the same, by any stretch, and even the introverts are getting antsy to get out and see people.

But I am so happy that Paycor still wanted partner and put this event together. Jon & I hosted our usual Twitter chat, but this was the 3rd anniversary of the original #NotAtSHRM chat, the one that started it all that lead to the regular chat, the podcast, the Trivia & movie nights. The one that started this Community. This chat blew us away. Over 700 Tweets in less than an hour and I had a hard time keeping up (and that had nothing to do with the fabulous drink). We talked about what we were missing, what we hope for. Check out the conversation & join in!

On Monday, Paycor had a great presentation by Lori Kleiman as an HR leader in a Dept of One. I had the chance to sit in on part of it & Lori was sharing some great tips for how to be connected & get the information you need. Monday evening, Jon & I were excited to share a conversation with some awesome SHRM regulars, Steve Browne, Melanie Peacock & Tracie Sponenberg. We did a recorded conversation & then held a watch party during #MissingSHRM20 to share the conversation with everyone. It was awesome because Steve, Melanie, Tracie, Jon & I were able to participate in the Twitter Conversation as it went. Click on the photo to be taken directly to the conversation, now on YouTube.

We closed out our part of #MissingSHRM20 with our panel discussion with Jennifer McClure and Joey Price as we discussed what we hope for the future of work after COVID. It was great to have that discussion with my friends and learn what they are doing in preparation. And I love that our friends who attended shared their thoughts on Twitter (of course they did)!

I did have to miss the last day, but you can see the Tweets from the day at the link above.

I love that we are able to connect while keeping each other safe – that is the most important thing right now. I hope you all stay safe, practice #PhysicalDistancing, wash your hands, wear your mask (And you can buy your very one #HRSocialHour, #HRWonderWomen or #Bananas mask! Just do it).


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