#Top5HRReads (and listen to) for July 31

I’m loving this little challenge for myself! Check out this week’s recommendations & make some time for them:

Sarah Morgan gets real and vulnerable on the Inclusion Solution in sharing her own experience living with anxiety. “Stopping the stigma, particularly around Black mental health, requires people to talk openly and specifically about our mental health challenges as well as the help we are getting to manage and overcome these diseases. This must include talking about being in therapy and taking prescription medications. This must also include talking about the difficult and traumatic experiences which caused the breakdowns that triggered our conditions. We must speak our full truth.”

As we see more & more large organizations push back their “return to normal work environment”, we know that we need to readjust old thoughts around work that happens away from the traditional office environment. Whether staff are working out of their homes, a coffee shop or other non-traditional work space, we need to figure out how we can encourage & empower employees. Dr. David Arrington understands that remote work is here to stay. In this post, he shares the 7 Deadly Sins & 6 Keys to Success in managing a remote team.

I had the honor of meeting Mofota in person at #SHRM18 in Chicago. This is the true benefit of social media – getting the opportunity to connect with people around the world! Recently, she wrote about apartheid in South Africa, current events in the US and her own experiences. This post really opened my eyes to the affects of internalized racism and just how deep the issue is.

Now, this isn’t HR related, but I love podcasts and I have to recommend you listen to Michelle Obama’s new podcast. I just feel like this is the positive voice we need today!

Finally, this isn’t something to listen to or read, but something I think you need to know about. Many HR friends are looking for work right now and it’s always hard to find HR jobs during a recession. My good friend Laura Mazzullo is hosting sessions to help you Transform Your HR Job-Search. Laura’s advice is always spot-on and her no-nonsense style will definitely appeal to you!

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