#Top5HRReads (and listen to) for August 7

Took me a little longer, but mostly to narrow down the content this week!

First, with Joe Biden about to announce his VP pick, I highly recommend the “That’s the Ticket” 3 part series from Crooked Media. The hosts go through the VP selection/vetting process, the changes that have occurred in recent years (mostly so there aren’t any surprises). Episode 2 talks about the Mondale/Ferraro and McCain/Palin tickets. The entire process is fascinating.

Huge fan of Bryan Adams and all he is doing at ph. Creative! Recently he shared 15 HR podcasts you should be listening to, and I have to agree with his list (and not just because he lists #HRSocialHour!)

As HR pros, we spend time talking and thinking about pay equity. Financial Times has an article, “How To Close The Gender Pat Gap” with thoughts from women leaders from around the world. We all know by now that a diverse workforce is good for the bottom line. Now we need to fix it and enforce it!

I have to admit that we HR Pros have written some very very bad job descriptions & postings — full of jargon & legalese, we are the best at CYA! My friend Katrina Kibben is on a quest to get us to do better. Check out her 3 part video series on this very topic.

And in a new-to-me podcast: Julie Turney hosts “HR Sound Off” a podcast to help shed light on some of those HR myths and help HR pros be better. Julie will soon be a guest on #HRSocialHour and Jon & I will each be a guest on HR Sound Off.

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