#HRSocialHour Twitter Chat #SelfCare 8/23

We are really good at taking care of others. But most of us are not as good as taking care of ourselves. Especially now. The lines between work and home life are more blurry than ever. And working from home isn’t really all that great, even for those who have been working at home and enjoying it. After all, we aren’t really working from home – we are working in a pandemic and just trying to keep up. Some are doing it better than others, but most of us are on a roller-coaster of emotions as we juggle the most chaos most of us have been through, around the world, at the same time. We are literally all in this together.

And we know that joining us for our twice-monthly chats, our trivia nights, listening to our podcasts is likely part of your self-care, whether you realize it or not. We all make choices that affect our well-being. But sometimes, we need to spend a little more time focused on ourselves and we are going to do just that during our next chat! Thank you to Christie Engler for helping with the questions & the chat!

Join us on Sunday August 23, 7 pm ET on Twitter. If this is your first chat, or if it’s been a while, check out this quick read on how to participate in a chat!

  1. How are you currently practicing physical self-care?
  2. How are you currently practicing mental self-care?
  3. Any recommended websites/apps/resources to support self-care?
  4. How can HR support the self-care of others in the workplace? 
  5. What are some ways HR can practice self-care in the work-place?
  6. What do you wish your organization was doing to promote self care?
  7. QTG. How can the #HRSocialHour Community help you in the next few weeks to focus on you?

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