#Top5HRReads (& Listen to) for August 28

I hope you are enjoying these lists. There’s so much great content out there, sometimes it is hard to just go with one, but it’s also been interesting to find that some weeks I’ve actually struggled. It’s also been nice to be able to go back and see what else is out there.

Really enjoyed the recent Culture First episode from Punk Rock HR & Laurie Ruettimann. I’ve followed Damon Klotz, Culture Amp, for some time, but haven’t listened to his podcast (yet). And thank you to Elena Valentine for pulling this quote, which caused me to re-listen as I apparently missed it: “A good conversation is not about asking good questions. It’s about creating a safe space for each other to feel seen while being a ‘generous listener.'”

HR’s Most Dangerous Podcast, 2 of the OG in HR Podcasts, Chad & Cheese, brought in Kate Lanz to talk about her book All the Brains in the Business. I’m definitely adding her book to my list as she talks not just about equality, but that gender differences in how our brains are wired and that we need to stop with the male brain as the standard. A bit of the nature vs. nurture conversation!

This week, several professional athletic teams staged a walk out, refusing to play. Many of the athletes called it a boycott, but from an employment law/labor relations stand point, it is a strike. Dave Jamieson explains more on Huffington Post. It’s a fascinating read.

Which I actually first read on Eric Meyer’s blog. In this blog, “What it means to be on the right side of history“, he touches on his “awakening” to raising the bar, to looking at social issues, such as #BlackLivesMatter or LGBTQ+ protections in the workforce, as more than just what does the law say. As my friend Kate the Lawyer says, the law is the minimum. So, what side of history are you on? And remember, silence is acceptance.

And finally, a little help if you are starting to feel the burn out coming on! Amy Miller, a fantastic TA professional, has a fun YouTube Channel and last week, she shares her tips for avoiding Burn Out.

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