#Top5HRReads (& Listens to!) September 18

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away today (9/18). The 2nd woman on the US Supreme Court, Justice Ginsburg became a force as her seniority grew. Her influence, her strength, her dissents. I became a huge fan of hers in recent years. While her voice will be missed, I am glad she was here and helped make the world a better place, one case at a time.

Recently the US president recently called for a ban on diversity training that includes Critical Race Theory, which has even found controversy in the HR world. But how many people really understand what CRT really is? I know I had to look it up, even with all the work I’ve done. I found this Twitter thread by @eveewing and this article by NPR put it into a very easy to understand high level view. I honestly believe we need to get very very uncomfortable with these conversations and stop thinking that racism is only evil people. Racism is the system and as a white person, I benefit from it.

Huge shout out to Karen Eber for sharing Ann Handley‘s newsletter. I’m loving the latest issue of Total Annarchy and am wondering how we can use Pumpkin Spice to help talent acquisition!

Minda Harts continues to do awesome work with #TheMemo and now its out in paperback! She’s held virtual book clubs and tours and is talking directly to her audience. Her book helped me understand better the experiences of black women in the workplace and even women in the workplace. If you haven’t read it, get it today. If you want to own it but cannot afford it, please let me know!

It’s the first ever #HRSocialHour Pledge drive! This month, we’ve had the pleasure to chat with Francisco Reyes (episode coming next week on 9/24), Nicky Hoyland, Jay Stephany, and Melanie Helman. Share your favorite episode on your favorite social media platform with #ListentoHRSH and we’ll send you something pretty cool!

Thanks for listening & we’ll see you real soon!

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