#Top5HRReads (& Listens to) for October 9

Starting this week’s list with a non-HR link, but an important one. The highest award a Girl Scout can earn is the Gold Award (think Eagle Scout, but for Girl Scouts). Each year, Girl Scouts selects the top 10 Gold Award projects and I’m sharing them with you to raise awareness of these awesome young women & their projects. Maggie has earned her Bronze Award (a Butterfly garden) & Silver Award podcast project! She has started looking for options for her Gold Award & I know it will be a great experience for her.

Joey Price has a great new Wednesday series going called Winning At Work. Wednesday afternoons at 3 pm CT, he spends 30 minutes with an HR pro talking about Career Boosting Conversations with HR Pros. This past week, he interviewed my friend Keirsten Greggs in a fantastic conversation on Confidence!

Recently, my podcast partner Jon Thurmond chatted with Human: Recruiting Individuals. “Listen more, ask more questions, and try to engage others more, but know that even then, you may never have everybody 100% where you want them to be. When you’re working with people, you’re working with the strangest commodity on the planet.” – Jon Thurmond, Regional Human Resources Manager at Team Fishel and Podcast Host and Producer of the #HRSocialHour Half Hour, speaks to us about developing a career in HR Leadership. Be sure to check out the full conversation.

We hosted our third virtual panel/watch party. We invited Keirsten Greggs, Tiffany Toussaint and Josh Rock to talk about Recruiting Through a Recession. Jon was unable to join us at the last minute, so I did get a couple of digs in as I know recruiting isn’t his favorite (but he is darn good at it!). Prefer to listen rather than watch? Here’s the podcast too!

Finally, so happy that Christine Assaf put this into words. We need to help get the word out that the ATS is not rejecting applications. It may rank it, it may flag it, but chances are, it did not reject an application.

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