#Top5HRReads (& Listens to) Halloween Edition!

These may or may not have anything to do with Halloween, or HR, but I think you’ll enjoy them anyway!

First, you definitely need to check out Laurie Spookymann’s Betting On You webinar from Managing Editor & Rep Cap‘s recent event. I always love to see what Laurie’s up to and am SO excited for her new book, Betting on You. A few key take aways:

  • Your work is not your worth. I think we need this message more than ever. The world of work has changed and if you do not have something outside of your work to make life worthwhile, you will have more stress and less satisfaction with your life.
  • Get a mentor. Yes, Laurie, I know. I need to find one 🙂 Who wants to mentor me in executive presentations?

In the spirit of Halloween, let’s talk Ghosts! Ghosting is a new term for an old habit. Recruiters have always ghosted candidates and now candidates are doing it back more! I am LOVING these stories shared on Lattice of real life Ghost Sightings.

I’ve shared posts from Jon Hyman in the past, but mostly around Covid updates. But he also does a series each year of the worst employers of the year. This year is no exception and it is a bit unfortunate that he continues to have plenty of fodder for this list. Check out this week’s entry!

So so so excited for this next YouTube series! Two friends and former podcast guests, Jazmine Wilkes & Kristina Minyard have recently started “BakedHR” where they will talk HR stories, advice and cupcakes (I assume!)

Last week, the annual HR Tech Conference went virtual! I’ve never had the opportunity to attend in person before, so this was great. I was able to jump in when I could & it was easy to catch up after if I missed it. Be sure to check out the great learnings on Twitter and get signed up for the Spring Virtual Conference!

That wasn’t too scary now was it!


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