Top 5 Podcast Episodes to kick off 2021

As we kick off 2021, I want to get back in the habit of sharing the top 5 things you should be reading or listening to. And what better way to start than with my favorite #HRSocialHour or #HRWonderWomen episodes!

5. 2020 forced a lot of virtual meetings and I’m happy that I didn’t let that opportunity slip away. I reached out to some folks I haven’t met and scheduled virtual coffee or wine dates. One of those folks was Nicky Hoyland and it quickly led to inviting her to be on the show. Check out Episode 134.

4. I originally connected with Julie Turney on Instagram and it was awesome to connect with her & have her on #HRSocialHour, even as she had both Jon (listen to Jon’s episode) & me on her podcast HR Sound Off (listen to my episode). Check out Episode 130.

3. I have loved getting to know Galen Emanuele and learning more about his organization. He jumped into the community with both feet & has become such a valuable member (and even sponsoring the monthly trivia nights!). Check out Episode 113.

2. We had a lot of fun this summer with Paycor & our #NotAtSHRM events and it was so much fun to have Karen Crone on the show to learn more about Paycor. Check out this Special Episode.

  1. My favorite episode of the year was our #HRWonderWomen panel that we had after #WHLive20 was canceled. We (Tamara, Elena, Sarah, Anne & I) had an awesome conversation with lots of laughs & lots of learning. Check out this Special Episode. Or watch the video!

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